Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Practice snorkeling in the pool.

Love this one.

Hula pie--our favorite.

Watching the koi fish.

Check out the hottie!


My first Mai Tai--yumm!

Maui...sweet, beautiful, amazing, relaxing, Maui. We had such a lovely visit. The trip mostly consisted of swimming, snorkeling, eating, drinking, swimming, searching for seashells, eating, drinking, and sleeping. The children LOVED the pirate pool at the resort and it kept them entertained for hours. Ellery went snorkeling for the first time--it took her a bit of time to warm-up to doing it in the ocean vs. pool, but then she loved it. We were fortunate to stay at a resort that has wonderful, calm waters for snorkeling right in front of the resort. Darin rented a paddle board and I actually went out on it for a spin. This is a big deal for me, as I am a COMPLETE wimp about water adventures. I am so glad I tried it because it was really fun and a lovely way to cruise around the water.

The only challenge on the trip was the flight home. Our flight left at 1:40, which is exactly the time when Dane takes a nap. We kept him awake thinking that he would certainly fall asleep on the 5 hour flight home....not so much. About 2 hours into the flight, he started FREAKING out and was inconsolable. We were "that" family on the plane and were getting awful looks from many of the other passengers. What a frustrating situation.....your child is screaming, you are trying everything in your power to stop them, and people are staring at you as if you planned the whole freakin' thing--unbelievable! Thank God Ellery was so well behaved or Darin and I may have attempted sky diving. Oh--and Woody Harrelson was on our flight!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our last trip to Kauai, April 2008.

Our last trip to Maui, December 2006.

Tomorrow we leave for Maui.......can I get a WOOO-HOOOOO??? I am beyond excited....Darin is in desperate need of a vacation.....Ellery can hardly contain herself(especially after I showed her the picture of the pirate pool at the resort).....Dane does not know what adventures he is about to embark upon. I love all vacations, but Hawaii is especially lovely. The weather, the people, the beautiful scenery--can't wait to go. The last time we went to Hawaii Dane was 2 months old. The last time we went to Maui, Ellery was a year. It should be a great adventure and I will certainly post upon our return. Wish us luck on the 6 hour flight.....I have made a special trip to the $1 store to load up on special surprises in hopes of keeping our little pumpkins entertained.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am so blessed to mother these two little rascals!

Sporting my new hat from the children.

Happy Belated Mother's Day, ladies! I hope you had a beautiful day and were showered with lots of love and pampering. I spent the morning at the spa with two great friends.....had a great massage, a scrub, lunch, and some relaxing down time. I was also able to escape and do a little shopping on my own, followed by a delicious dinner at home with the family. It all felt truly indulgent and I enjoyed every minute!