Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am so happy to report that I am FINALLY well after being sick for 5 days! I can't remember the last time I was this sick......cold, cough, fever, chills, aches, the whole nine yards. We had to cancel our Halloween party and the children have had LOTS of indoor time this week.

We are off to Scottsdale this week. Darin has a speaking engagement there and we are going to tag along and stay at a beautiful resort with lots of fun things for the little ones. In case any of you are thinking about breaking into my house, we are having guests stay at our house to take care of the dog.....not to mention the fact that we know every one of our neighbors and they will call us in 2 seconds flat to report any suspicious behavior.

The pictures are from LegoLand last weekend. We took the kids there for "brick or treat". The park sets up a free(after a paid admission) trick or treating trail with lots of little goodies along the way. It was quite cute and Ellery was thrilled to wear her costume for an additional event.

Monday, October 03, 2011

It was a very exciting weekend over at the Libby casa. We added a new member to our family, Ricky. A friend of a friend was looking to adopt out their dog and asked if we would be interested. We took the dog on a trial basis for the weekend and fell in love with this sweet little pup. He is a shi-poo(shitzu, poodle mix) and is about 4 1/2. He could not be sweeter and we are so thrilled to welcome him into our little family!