Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today I took the children to a local strawberry patch to pick their own, fresh strawberries. Ellery has been begging me to do this for quite some time and I finally caved in. Notice Dane's fingers in some of the pictures. . . they are covered in dirt and he is shoving strawberries into his mouth as quickly as he can. The next time you buy strawberries from the store, look at the carton and see if they are from Carlsbad--you, too could come pick strawberries on your next visit. Oh--and this patch is about 5 minutes from Legoland!


Carrie Darney said...

Hagen would LOVE that! He LOVES strawberries! OK, so new trick. I am trying to get him to drink more water and not so much juice. He loves flavored water, but some of them have sugar in them.

We have started making Strawberry water! I slice up strawberries and let them sit in a glass of water. In about 15 minutes it is infused in the water! Like when we put lemons in it!

We have also tried oranges. Make sure and when you slice the oranges to take the peel off them. It gets a strong "rind" taste if you leave it on.

starnes family said...

Great tip, Carrie!

We love picking berries. Such fun and feels like an old-fashioned thing to do. Hoping to find some good farms in Kansas.