Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Today was the first day of Ellery's second year of pre-school. She amazes me in so many different ways, but I especially admire her confidence and independence. She walks right into her new classroom with no fear or concerns(while her mother wants to stay and observe and protect her). She has been asking me for about three weeks when her school starts again and she could hardly wait to get out the door this morning. Poor Dane was so upset to see his beloved sister leave, and pitched a fit when he could not join her in her classroom. Check out the face he made at me when I tried to capture his disappointment.


starnes family said...

She looks so big!!!!! And, I love to hear that you admire her. Those are words not all parents use. And, we should!

d.a.thomas said...

Dane is priceless. Henry STILL hasn't gotten used to the idea of Will being gone ALL day. I thought he would love it. Funny how we are constantly proven to really no nothing about our kids! Ellery looks like she is ready to take on the world!