Monday, October 12, 2009

The children enjoying ice cream on the luggage cart before leaving.

The ice cream was brought to us by a staff member who thought the children might enjoy this upon departure. What great service!!

The only famliy picture we managed on our trip, taken by a friendly staffer.

While the Ritz Carlton is not our typical hotel brand, we took advantage of Darin's conference venue and stayed a few nights. I have to put in a plug for this hotel. Beyond the exquisite lobby, restaurants, and pools, this hotel is an exceptional place for children. They have a fantastic program called "Ritz kids" where they host childcare, arts and crafts, games, and cooking experiences for children aged 5-12. While our children did not meet this requirement, we appreciate the idea of having a separate place for the children to express themselves. The service here is difficult to beat and they try to accommodate all needs, including those of the children. Much appreciated by this household!!!

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starnes family said...

There is no place like the Ritz. While I haven't traveled there with children, I have heard this.

All my experiences were pre-kids!

Glad you got to have some fun. Precious kiddos, as always.