Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trying to keep up with big sister.

Soccer has been drastically better since the first game. We discussed the dynamics at great length and Ellery finally gets that she has to run after the ball if she wants to kick it. This sounds like a simple task but imagine: Since birth we have been asking and encouraging her to share and take turns. She has finally learned to do these things and expects others to return the favor. Then suddenly we throw her into this sport where no one is sharing and everyone is out for themselves(remember this is pee-wee soccer). We underestimated the impact that this would have on our sweet little girl, but she is now holding her own and even scored two goals!

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starnes family said...

Can't stop smiling when I see the first picture of Dane kicking! Big boy!!!!!!

I totally agree with your thoughts on the confusion of team sports and sharing and childhood. It's a lot to consider!