Monday, January 03, 2011

Me and my handsome hubby
Dane and cousin William(he idolizes him)

Scaredy Dane meeting his idol, Buzz

Darin and his sista's

Auntee Ne and Ellery

My awesome sis-in-law(and hubby)

The birthday couple(they make 40 look great)

Sister love

My precious newphew

The Libby cousins(and grandma and grandpa)

The Marsh cousins(and mamas)

Happy 2011, peeps! I can't believe 2010 has already passed us by. We had an AMAZING time on New Year's eve.....a party thrown by good friends in the neighborhood, which means we could walk home(thank God). We did not manage to take a single picture, which is probably a good thing considering Darin and I thought we were professional dancers and the evening included some break dancing, ballet dancing, and even a lift!!!! Anyhow, as mentioned before, we had a mixed trip to Florida. The good points included seeing family, watching the children with their beloved cousins and even DisneyWorld. The not-so-good points: terrible weather at DisneyWorld, exhaustion from travel, Dane throwing-up, and the worst travel day in the history of our family. Coming back from Florida, we spent an extra hour sitting on the runway due to mechanical issues(remember this is already a 5 hour flight). We then missed our connection from LAX to San Diego and they were going to put us on a bus in the pouring rain. LAX was a MAD house with hundreds of people and bags everywhere. It was total chaos and we imagined the bus ride down would be as well. We finally opted to rent a car and drive ourselves home(a costly option, but totally worth it). We made it home around 3:00 Pacific time, but remember we were still on east coast time. Needless to say, we were THRILLED to be home and spend Christmas and New Year's in our own home. Cliche, but there truly is no place like home!


starnes family said...

Not a cliche and totally fitting here! Oh, Lord, Merrilee. That might beat our worst travel days! Great pictures.

Dee Stephens said...! I can't even imagine. When I see families during times like that I always feel for them. Good for you on renting a car!!

The Soladay Family said...

Those are the worst travel days with little ones. Glad you had a great New years! Great pics of your fam. You and your hubby are precious!