Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Mommy, look at this poor, lonely ornament on the tree. . . .maybe it is time to put up the rest." Check out the stalker in the background of this picture!!!


starnes family said...

So many things to say.

1. Love a mom who can call her own kid a stalker.

2. Love Ellery's outfit.

3. Did she have dance or was this everyday wear?

4. If it's just for fun, love it even more.

merrilee said...

That picture with Dane lurking just cracks me up! Ellery's outfit was actually for dane. . .although she is not supposed to wear the tutu. It was the last official day of dance before the recital, so we thought we could push our luck! If I would let her, she would wear a tutu or some other princess outfit everywhere!!!!