Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Mesquite Rodeo. . . .anyone from Texas remember this? We took the children there with their Chicago cousins, and it was a hoot! We were not able to stay for the entire show, as it started late and the children were EXHAUSTED. The best part--our nephew, William, was chosen as one of 8 children to ride a sheep. They gear up the kids in padding and a helmet and then strap them to a sheep as they attempt to hold-on as long as possible! This was HILARIOUS to watch. . . .William held on for a few seconds to this wild sheep and we were so proud!! We weren't able to snap a shot of him on the sheep, but did get a few of him riding the mechanical bull.

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starnes family said...

Precious! Love their hats, too. Can't wait to see you!