Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our wonderful friends, Denise and Aaron, were kind enough to host a dinner at the beach club during our visit to Seattle. This is a lovely location equipped with a huge pool, exercise facility, beach access, playground, picnic tables, bbq's, and a boat launch. We had a great time catching-up(in between chasing the little ones) and were also able to see our friends, Casey and Chris. Casey and Darin have a similar sense of humor and are generally up to something. Look closely at these pictures and you will notice Darin and Casey posing and flexing their muscles. Never a dull moment with this crew! Thanks so much for hosting us, Denise-we had a great time!


~das said...

I have to say Ellery and Will are a CUTE couple! Let's keep this love connection in mind....Love the pictures and loved having you!

Carrie Darney said...

How fun! What great friends!