Sunday, August 09, 2009

So sorry for my short departure. . . .I somehow neglected the blog for a week--back on track, now. So my beloved neighbors and friends have started a new tradition--Friday night playdate/happy hour. We take turns hosting a Friday afternoon playdate, which of course turns into happy hour and naturally turns into dinner. This is one of the highlights of my week and everyone truly wins--kids, parents, pets, you name it. Here are a few pictures from last week's happy hour. Notice how closely Ellery is standing to the adorable little boy with curly hair(Jackson). She LOVES him and has to be close to him at all times. . . always inching her way a little closer and closer. She told me today that she is going to marry him when she is big--I have to say that she has EXCELLENT taste!


starnes family said...

What adorable children! Great weekly tradition, too.....yes, everyone wins!

Carrie Darney said...

So cute! Ellery...I always knew she was going to be a fast mover...just like her Mama. :)

OK, where did you get Dane's hoodie? I love it!!