Monday, August 24, 2009

This morning on one of our weekly visits to Target, Ellery looks at the salesperson checking us out and asks, "Mommy, is that a lady or a man?" Keep in mind that the salesperson is standing about 2 feet from her. I quickly tried to re-direct her attention to something else so she would not ask a second time, as it took me a minute to figure out the answer!!! You have to laugh at the innocent truths of young children.


starnes family said...

It gets worse. Just wait. Eventually, she'll start talking about you. For example....I cut bangs recently.....and Carter said, "Hey, Mom. You are really starting to look like your old self. You know? Younger and pretty."

Ok. Thanks, son.

Carrie Darney said...

Ha! man, I am not ready for those outbursts...I have only hit the "Yeah Mama poo poo on potty" in a public bathroom which I had NOT done...I peed.

Love kids sayings!