Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How cute is Darin?

First of all, my sister had her baby girl last Wednesday--her name is Veda Bea Cromer and she weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Muezetta and baby are both doing great after a QUICK delivery(about an hour of labor). I do not have any pictures yet, but we are going there in a few weeks.
We made it home from Mammoth yesterday and had a great trip. The snow was INSANE--about 2-3 feet of fresh powder during our visit. For those of you who are skiers, you know that this is ideal for the hard-core skier (my husband). For small children who are used to sunshine and sand(Dane and Ellery), this was a bit difficult to get used to. Ellery took a private lesson with two friends on Friday and enjoyed it once she was forced to give it a try. Both Dane and Ellery cried, complained, whined, and basically lost all sense of control the first 30 minutes in the snow. They wanted NO part of it. They hated the clothes, the boots, the altitude, and the snow falling down on their faces. Ellery eventually got used to it and enjoyed her lesson with her friends. On the last day, she finally went up the chair lift with Darin and had the BEST time. We had to force her on the lift, but as soon as it started to move she was giggling and happy. Dane had a few moments of joy in the snow, as long it was not actually snowing(he hated the snow in his face). Overall a fun trip for all and it ended with the Saints winning the Super Bowl--yeah!


Carrie Darney said...

That last picture is AWESOME! Ha...poor Daney...he looked so pissed!

CUTE family pic! and Yes, Darin is and always will be a hot one!

starnes family said...

Punkin Dane. He will get used to it. I know it!

You guys are awesome sports!