Tuesday, February 16, 2010

While on the treadmill this morning, I saw a woman finishing up her workout. She was thin and wearing a scarf over her bald head(clearly undergoing chemotherapy). I had two extremely strong emotions at that moment. . . .at first I wanted to cry and then I felt STRONG. I thought of the strength it must take for her to walk into the gym and find the courage to keep working out her body while the chemo drugs were breaking it down. I thought of the strength I saw in my mother while sick with cancer and how she never complained. I thought of the strength I see in my good friend and neighbor, Theresa. . . . and how she went through chemo for breast cancer when she had a new baby. She, too, never complained and always displayed great strength, positivity and courage. I suddenly felt inspired and stronger. . . .picking-up my pace and realizing that I, too, am strong and blessed to have my health. We all know women like this who conquer all even when they are down. . . .always remaining positive and keeping their heads-up. I feel inspired by these women and by my wonderful friends who are always there, supporting and encouraging. Cheers to you, ladies--thanks for being part of my daily inspiration!


starnes family said...

You, too, Mer! It's always nice to find inspirations like these....and see someone working dilligently through the tough parts in life. Great post.

carolyn a robinson said...

It is a great post Merrilee. We need to remember how lucky we truly are and sometimes we need to give someone a kind word.