Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dane and Ellery love to play on Nana and Papa's walkers.

In a battle with great Uncle Mike!

On Saturday, we celebrated Dane's 2nd birthday with a pirate party--arrggg!! His favorite part of the party were the "home made" pirate swords made by Darin. Darin bought long pieces of foam from the Home Depot and cut them to look like little swords. The beauty of this type of sword--it's almost impossible to hurt another child with them.

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Carrie Darney said...

So cute! And way to go hottie, I mean Darin, on the swords!

i can't believe he is 2! Where has time gone? Honestly...Hagen will be 3 in a few months!

Love Ellery licking her BRIGHT red icing!