Monday, March 08, 2010

We had such a fun trip to Colorado. We began our journey at my sister's house where Ellery and her cousin, Kofi, had the best time together. The children went ice skating and took many nature walks/hikes where we saw prairie dogs, geese, and even a few wild turkeys! They are at such a fun age where they would stop and examine each print they saw in the mud, trying to figure out what time of animal it may have been--so cute! We were truly impressed at how well they got along and just loved to be together. My sister's new baby, Veda, is just beautiful. She has a TON of dark hair and big blue eyes. There is just something so special about holding a new baby. Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures of the first part of our trip, as Darin had the camera and arrived the day before we left for Steamboat. Many pictures from Steamboat to follow.

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