Monday, April 05, 2010

Darin's mom and dad.

Darin's mom, aunt, and Nana.


Easter was full of excitement and love. We began the day with opening our Easter baskets, playing with new toys, a visit to the park, Easter egg hunt, an earthquake, and dinner with the family. Yes, you read that right.... an earthquake. For those of you who have not seen the news, around 3:00 yesterday afternoon we had a 7.0 earthquake. I had just finished my first glass of champagne and thought maybe it was hitting me pretty hard until everyone else seemed to be feeling the same effect. It lasted about a minute, but felt like an eternity. Everything appears to be fine, other than a new, large crack in the fire pit.

Following the excitement, we had 16 people for dinner and it was quite a feast. Darin cooked a DELICIOUS tenderloin on the grill and everyone brought a yummy side dish. We also celebrated Nana's 85th birthday......doesn't she look amazing??

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starnes family said...

Nana does look amazing!

Love this post.

1. That you just threw in the part about the earthquake.

2. That you had your first glass of champagne at 3pm.

3. That I didn't realize it was a get together. Just thought you boozed it up shortly after lunch every day.

Go, Merrilee!