Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on the children: Ellery loves all things pretend. She has a dress-up closet that could rival any "princess" around and she changes outfits at least 4 times daily. She is quite an actress and I am currently looking for a drama class for summer(I'm not joking).
Dane is 100% a 2 year old little boy. He loves to run, climb, jump, and throw at any time of the day. He has also become particular about his clothing and mainly wants to wear t-shirts(which drives me nuts). He is also testing his boundaries on a daily basis and spending a least part of his day in time-out. The only problem with time-out is that he thinks it is a game and laughs every time I put him in it! Any suggestions???
It is both a challenging and joyful time with the children.....when they are not making me crazy, I am overwhelmed at how completely precious and sweet they have become.


starnes family said...

No advice. I put Jack in time out.....Lainey starts acting out.....I ask her if she wants to go, too (!!!!)......her reply? "Ok! Hi, Jackie."


He's 2. He's terrible. He's adorable. It's God's plan, Merrilee. They're at the peak of cuteness otherwise, we'd return them to the hospital at this stage.

On another note.....I'm still so impressed with such a perfect blend Ellery is of you and Darin. It's uncanny!

denise thomas said...

I love the black and white candid shots. So precious!

Hank can rival any child when it comes to wanting it "his way"! I just put him upstairs in his room for "bedroom" time. If we wants to laugh about it..I can't hear it. He usually cries when I close the door, but I get him as soon as he stops. It isn't advice...just what I do.

:) Gotta call you soon to catch up! love ya.

Carrie Darney said...

LOVE the visor! So cute!

Hagen ate breakfast alone...without mickey this morning. First time I think ever! That is so I can finish getting ready and he can eat breakfast. He was PISSED! BUT, it is nice to find his currancy. I think tomorrow (well hope) will go alot smoother.

Your babies are so them!

Renee said...

Love the pics! Children's drama class will be perfect for Ellery. They are changing so quick, but are so precious.

The Rand's said...

Your kids are precious, Merrilee!
Time-outs didn't really work with my girls, either. I have no advice. I just take things away from my girls. That can't stand that.