Monday, June 28, 2010

After MANY a cocktail.....can you tell???
My dear, sweet friend, Nicole.

A rare picture of the two of us.

We had the BEST time in Boston. Let me start with items that felt like a breeze without our children:

1. Packing for our trip--no diapers, medicines, thermometers, wipes, baby soap, or car seats.

2. Standing in security line for 30 minutes--no problem.

3. Sleepless night on a red-eye flight--who cares.

4. Waiting 3 hours for our room to be ready--no worries.

5. 90 degree heat with humidity--totally fine.

6. Being hungover--just sleep half the day.

It is amazing how everything that used to stress me out before children, now seems easy when I am only responsible for myself. We travel frequently with the children and don't plan to stop, but I will say that having a child-free trip once in awhile is such a healthy thing for a marriage and your sanity!!!

Back to Boston. This city is one of my favorites. I could walk around all day looking at the buildings, reading about the amazing history(Casey, I totally thought of you), watching the interesting people and street performers, shopping, and listening to the fantastic Boston accents(I seriously love their accents). The people were so friendly and helpful, and the food was DELICIOUS! We had a great time with Darin's company outing, seeing old friends and enjoying great conversation. It was also such a luxury to have some quality time with my husband, not discussing the children or household tasks.

Oh--and the children were perfect for the grandparents.....just as you all told me!


starnes family said...

Yay for history lessons while traveling! I LOVE Boston, of our oldest cities and packed with "firsts" for the U.S. I love the market there......the river, etc. And, the accents! I could listen to Matt Damon talk all day. :)

Glad you got away sans kids. We take ours with us, too, as you know......but it is so fun being a couple, as well!

Dee Stephens said...

Love Boston as well! Can't believe how hot it was there though?

Carrie Darney said...

You and Casey are dorks...

BUT...I'm with you on Matt Damon's accent...but he is hot...and that has nothing to do with history.

I have GOT to get away with Ryan without the babes...sounds so wonderful! SO glad the kids were good for the grandparents too! are you planning another adult trip?! Ha!

See you in a few!!!! Wooopie!!!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Love that last pic of the two of you. Traveling with and without kids is SO different! We go on spring break with Tony's girls and I never get ready in the morning, carry the biggest bag to hold everyone's crap, and worry about lines, disturbing people, etc. Fun but exhausting!
Glad the kiddos were good for the grandparents :)