Friday, June 11, 2010

Today is Ellery's last day of preschool. This feels like such a big deal and I am a little sad. She is more than ready for Kindergarten....she "gets" all of the academic concepts, she is social and mature, but part of me still sees my little baby. California is one of only three states left in the country with a December 1st cut-off date for Kindergarten. Ellery's birthday is Nov. 21st, which will make her one of the youngest, if not the youngest. Having said that, I am still 100% sure she is ready. Our little baby girl is growing-up and mama is feeling some twinges of pain with her maturity.....cliche, but it certainly does go fast!


denise thomas said...

I would love to chat with you about having one of the youngest Kindergartners. Wouldn't change my decision, but certainly it is different being the parent. Let's find some time to catch up. It may takes us actually scheduling a time to call one another! :) love to you and your precious family

Carrie Darney said...' can't be.

Ryan and I were actually talking about this last night...hagen will either be the youngest or the oldest. It's a tough spot to figure out for sure!!

Can't wait to see Darin...Uh, I mean all of you soon!!


The Rand's said...

It's so hard to see them grow up! My baby will start kinder in the fall! It just isn't fair!!
Haylee will be going into fourth grade--we had the same deal as you. She's always the youngest, but it doesn't seem to bother her. That may change when all of her friends are driving and she's not. :)