Monday, February 28, 2011

Our sweet little boy is 3 today. Well actually he is not three because our son was born on Leap Day....isn't that strange? We celebrated on Saturday with a little party. Dane LOVES bouncy houses and we had planned to have the children play in the bouncy house, but it was the COLDEST day in San Diego--the high was 50! I know, most of you are laughing at that, but remember our blood is thinner down here and that feels pretty chilly to us. Plus, we live pretty close to the coast, which means the wind can be BRUTAL. Anyhow, the children played a few games, Darin and I did some face painting, and had a pinata. All in all, a fun party for our little boy. Our wild little boy has been such a blessing to our little family. We love you, big boy!! XXOO

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carolyn a robinson said...

Hard to believe Dane is three. Cute pictures. I agree 50's are cold!!!