Monday, March 28, 2011

Standing nervously with her principal.

I have to do a little mommy bragging here for a moment. When I taught school, I was always baffled by parents who were only concerned with the academic portion of school. While this is certainly important, I always believed that the citizenship aspect was just as important(more, actually). Last week, Ellery received two awards at school. The first was for fairness and the second was for reading an exceptional number of minutes. Guess which award made her mother cry? You guessed it, the fairness award. Only two students per room receieved this award and we are so incredibly proud of her. Way to go, Ellery.


Carrie Darney said...

MER! This is awesome! So sweet. I wonder where she learned to be fair and kind? Maybe from me?!

The Soladay Family said...

Brag all you want! You deserve it!

Ok. Hawaii in less than a week. Jealous.