Thursday, September 02, 2010

That is actually Darin catching a wave.

This little girl ADORES her father.

So sorry for my absentee has suddenly gotten busy around here. We are in the midst of some home improvement projects. Today, we are getting a backsplash in our kitchen(I will post pictures when it is complete), and looking into getting new carpet and/or hardwood for our staircase. The carpet on the stairs is thrashed and we originally thought we would go with new carpet, but then Darin suggested wood and now I am obsessed! I have gotten about 4 different estimates and now have to work on my husband. The cost is certainly greater for wood, but we will NEVER have to replace it.....not to mention that it is insanely beautiful! Here are some pictures from a recent outing to the beach....nothing special, but always enjoyable.


starnes family said...

I agree......wood stairwells are fabulous. And, life long! That will compliment your entry, too.

Love the beach pics. I can't wait!

Carrie Darney said...

Oooo...wood stairs would look so pretty! Especially with the matrix of stairs you have...that would look so neat!!!