Friday, November 28, 2008

Darin's mother purchased this "Elf on the Shelf" for Ellery and Dane this year. For those of you who don't know about this genius creation, I will explain. The premise is that the Elf was sent to you by Santa to watch you and report back to Santa if you have been naughty or nice. The Elf will periodically move throughout your home and "show-up" in different locations to make sure you are being nice. He flies back to the North Pole each evening and gives Santa a detailed report on the behavior he has observed. I remember Casey talking about hers last year and I must say that this is a must-have for all parents!!! Ellery is COMPLETELY fascinated by the Elf and each time he "shows up" in a different location, she is beside herself. We are TRULY enjoying this new tradition and are hoping that it will help with "nice" behavior until Christmas!!


starnes family said...

I love it! Ours arrived early Friday morning before we left to ski, but no one noticed him. Just returned home and still no one saw him! Hoping they figure it out tomorrow. I don't want to point him out....seems more real if they discover him.

So glad your kiddos got one. Precious tradition and something you'll enjoy for years. What did Ellery name him? Ours is Stephan. Seriously.

merrilee said...

Ellery named him Uda. All her imaginary friends are named Uda. . . strange attraction to a strange name--should I be worried??

starnes family said...

What is the deal with the weird names? Everyone that I've heard of has an unusual name. I think it's oddly fitting! it! Nope, no worries at all.