Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two reasons for these two pictures. 1. Ellery looks so mature and SKINNY!! This is the child who had the juiciest thighs as a little one. She has always been full of squishy places to love. Now, Darin and I look at her and wonder where that chubby baby has gone! 2. The bow Ellery is wearing. I LOVE this bow! It is quite large in size and it has her name personalized on the side--what could be more precious for a little girl? My husband happens to disagree strongly with this point. He informed me that it is obnoxious and it makes him sick to his stomach. I realize that he will never understand this, but I feel the need to have Ellery in a bow each and everyday regardless of the agenda or outfit. She is sugar and spice and everything nice and I will relish the ability to dress her as long as she will allow me to do so!!! Sorry, Darin, but you must indulge me with this one. You can put Dane in board shorts and surfer t-shirts soon enough!!!


starnes family said...

Love the bow. Sorry, Darin!

I remember when I realized Carter was getting skinny and no longer his yummy, chubby 2 year old self. Cherishing Jack's still doughy body b/c I know it's not going to be long until I'm doing the same with him!

I also remember a pic of Ellery on the beach a couple years back when you commented on her thighs. She had some good ones!

Carrie Darney said...

I love the bow too! Hagen has never had a squishy part on his body...I squish Noah's thighs even though they are not that squishy!

She looks so much older in these pics!!! Love it!