Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 2010. . .and please excuse my absence! Last week I developed a sinus infection, followed by an earache, which ended in my mucous membrane erupting inside my ear--lovely, right? Not a fun few days, but after a trip to the Urgent Care, antibiotics, and some steroids , I seem to be on the mend(let's just hope I don't grow an Adam's apple and a beard from the steroids). We had a quiet and relaxing New Year's with some friends, followed by de-constructing all of the Christmas decorations, tree, and lights. Why is that always such a sad experience? I suppose knowing that this magical time of year will not be back again for 11 months is a bit depressing. I digress--the children are keeping us busy and such a joy to watch each day. Dane is becoming quite the chattering, singing, little bruiser. He follows Ellery around like a puppy, which she typically tolerates(unless of course, he attempts to take a princess doll). Ellery is SO ready to get back to school tomorrow and see all of her friends--she is quite the social little girl. . . . .hhmmm, I wonder where she gets that???

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starnes family said...

Precious pictures! Happy new year. So sorry to hear you've been ill. What a tough bout of sickness.

I'm thrilled to see Dane got a Thomas kit. I hope so much he loves them like Jack. Few things make me happier than seeing Jack adore his trains.