Monday, January 25, 2010

Our little monkey, Dane. This child has recently discovered that just about anything can be used to climb--his door knob, a fence, the car, you name it. He is wired SO differently than Ellery and he certainly keeps us on our toes. Our friends here have named him Dane-Ger because this is a phrase I am constantly saying to him. I included a close-up picture of his teeth because last week he had to have 2 crowns, and 2 fillings on his 4 front teeth. His teeth came in around 4 months of age and were bad from the start. Poor baby had to be put under anesthesia for the procedure(I was a COMPLETE wreck). Let's just hope his permanent teeth are better or we may have to borrow from his college account!


starnes family said...

Merrilee, he is such a mess and I love it!!!!!! So, so precious. Love the pictures of him climbing.

Carrie Darney said...

Oh my gosh! Poor baby and his dental work! I bet you were a wreck!

He is such a boy...SO CUTE too!!!


denise thomas said...

Boys are a completely different breed! I know there are theories regarding how we "condition" boys to boys....I call bull shit! I have cooked, colored, played dress up,etc...with my kids since they were tiny! Anything and everything is a jungle gym. The energy is endless...and rarely infectious! I find it exhausting! He is a darn cutie! Bummer about the teeth! Looks like the bounced right back! Miss you!

Renee said...