Saturday, January 30, 2010

During a visit to the park yesterday, a mother with a camera was taking photos of the children. Turns out she is a professional photographer and posted some pictures of Ellery and her friend on the blog. Go here to check them out: The pictures are lovely--I wish I had taken them myself.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our little monkey, Dane. This child has recently discovered that just about anything can be used to climb--his door knob, a fence, the car, you name it. He is wired SO differently than Ellery and he certainly keeps us on our toes. Our friends here have named him Dane-Ger because this is a phrase I am constantly saying to him. I included a close-up picture of his teeth because last week he had to have 2 crowns, and 2 fillings on his 4 front teeth. His teeth came in around 4 months of age and were bad from the start. Poor baby had to be put under anesthesia for the procedure(I was a COMPLETE wreck). Let's just hope his permanent teeth are better or we may have to borrow from his college account!

Monday, January 18, 2010

In her own "princess" world.

Can you guess what song she is singing here?

"And the Oscar goes to. . . .Ellery Libby"! These are words that I actually think I could hear in my lifetime. Ellery has quite the imagination and is often extremely dramatic in her "role playing" of a princess. She has basically memorized the entire movie of "The Little Mermaid" and can not pass a rock without re-enacting the song, "Part of your world". She often tells Darin and I that she is not Ellery, she is Ariel. We in turn, have to pretend to be Prince Eric, or the wicked Ursula. Lord help us!

On Saturday, Darin and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I can't believe we have already been married over a decade--what babies we were. Happy Anniversary, babe--I am so grateful that I found you!!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Yes, my husband is actually pretending to bull ride the gorilla statue(but he looks kind of hot)!

AAHHHH , the San Diego zoo. What a little treasure we have here in our fine city. If you have never visited the zoo, it is quite an experience. First, it is right in the middle of a lovely park, Balboa Park, which include museums, parks, open spaces, and of course, the zoo. The zoo is lovely in and of itself. . . .beautiful trees, plants, flowers and rolling hills. I have yet to see the entire thing as it is HUGE and quite a workout. You could honestly burn some MAJOR calories just walking through the entire park. If walking is too much, you also have the option of taking a bus or sky tour. We recently took advantage of our gorgeous weather and spent an afternoon touring(sorry for those of you in freezing temps right now--you can always come visit).

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 2010. . .and please excuse my absence! Last week I developed a sinus infection, followed by an earache, which ended in my mucous membrane erupting inside my ear--lovely, right? Not a fun few days, but after a trip to the Urgent Care, antibiotics, and some steroids , I seem to be on the mend(let's just hope I don't grow an Adam's apple and a beard from the steroids). We had a quiet and relaxing New Year's with some friends, followed by de-constructing all of the Christmas decorations, tree, and lights. Why is that always such a sad experience? I suppose knowing that this magical time of year will not be back again for 11 months is a bit depressing. I digress--the children are keeping us busy and such a joy to watch each day. Dane is becoming quite the chattering, singing, little bruiser. He follows Ellery around like a puppy, which she typically tolerates(unless of course, he attempts to take a princess doll). Ellery is SO ready to get back to school tomorrow and see all of her friends--she is quite the social little girl. . . . .hhmmm, I wonder where she gets that???